We have run a blog since 2010. Lots of tent and event information to research for your event.
From Somerset to Somersault Festival

From Somerset to Somersault Festival

Over The Moon provided some of our vintage tents for this new Devon based festival, Somersault.  Its organised by the creators of the Wilderness Festival.  Its set on the coast so visitors can try out surfing, mountain biking, paddleboarding and coasteering.  Another...

Rock House Pop Up Cinema Stretch Tent

Rock House Pop Up Cinema Stretch Tent

La Porte Magique are a Worcestershire based collective who host social gatherings in unusual & extraordinary locations.  Over The Moon helped them get their inaugral pop up cinema with a stretch tent event off the ground in August 2013. It was a really fun stretch...

Tents in the Winter

Tents in the Winter

During the festive season we put together a Winter related tents album on Pinterest.. So don't be put off from holding an event in a tent at this time of the year. Tents can be made very warm and cosy with the right choice of tent and heating. The pics below ours and...

Stretch Tent at Showmans Show 2012

Stretch Tent at Showmans Show 2012

Our 7th visit to this showcase of all the gadgets an outdoor events organiser could possibly want. For the 3rd year at the Showmans Show our partners Intent & Eagle Bars did a slick set up for how a festival bar in a stretch tent can really look great.

2012 Season Pics

We've been creating our annual yearbook of pics on Blurb and thought we'd share some of the pics on here from you. The mud shots are from the Sunrise Festival in Somerset and the others are from the open day we held with Potent Productions, Yurts4Life, Thunderboxes...

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