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Vintage Canvas tent  on hard standing city centre location



Vintage Village Fete, Edinburgh

CAD design
Specialist block hire hard-standing tent erection

The Vintage Village Fete concept was an outdoor vintage festival, hosted in a vintage marquee and vintage red double-decker bus, including stalls, live music, artisan food and more besides. The challenge for Over The Moon was to put up a 60ft canvas tent in February on hard standing in the middle of a busy city centre square in Edinburgh.

Raising funds for a selection of chosen cultural charities. Over The Moon Tents supplied the vintage tent to be used as the main venue for the festival.

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WHAT they wanted


Perform Tent load calculation to determine blocks required to anchor tent safely on hard standing

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Our core team has worked in outdoor events since 1996. We are fully trained in the rigging of our equipment, and have PRINCE2 accreditation to ensure good project management.


We work safely and smartly and provide Method Statements and Risk Assessments. We follow the latest Health & Safety industry standards.

Client Background & Brief

University of Edinburgh

The University of Edinburgh is one of the world’s top universities. An entrepreneurial and cross-disciplinary culture attracts students and staff from across the globe, creating a unique Edinburgh experience.

Client Brief

The organisers of the event, Emily Elwas & Eleonore Jackson, provided Over The Moon with the following information.

First of all we wanted to thank you for your help leading up to our pitch, you were incredibly insightful and we must apologise for not sharing our news with you earlier and thanking you then! We have just finalized the booking for our ideal location, Bristo Square Edinburgh. THE VINTAGE VILLAGE FETE will be an all-day outdoor event comprising of a Vintage & Second-Hand Market (selling items from clothes to books, jewellery & vinyls, all provided by lovely local traders), and recreational/catering areas (offering artisanal eats and selected amusements to tickle the public’s fancy throughout the day). All proceeds will go towards the aforementioned local and national cultural charities.


Of course the presence of a show-stopping tent at the event would do immeasurable good for the charities involved. Not only would it mean that we would be able to offer a higher quality venue and atmosphere, but the simply having it there would be an invaluable promotional tool, increasing our financial intake and helping our small but worthy causes. Despite the high level of publicity many of our customers will be passers-by and impulse shoppers (on average 3000 people cross Bristo Square each day) and we feel the inclusion of one of your tents would really help to draw in these crowds! In terms of what we actually need, we remain flexible according to what you might be willing to offer us…..

Our Proposal & Services




Tent Masters with Jedi rigging skills

We like to boldly take tents where tents don’t go. This job entailed a lot of pre planning and coordination.

British Made Canvas

We have the largest collection of canvas for Vintage Military Tent Hire in the UK. We can supply 15 seperate tents with upto 20 middle sections available.

These tents were manufactured in the UK from the forties until the eighties. We have many date and manufacturer stamped roof sections.

Over The Moon was keen to accept the challenge of putting up a large tent on a hard surface and with potential wintry weather to contend with. Before sending a proposal we researched suppliers of ballast blocks which would have to replace the use of the normal tent anchors, steel stakes. We were pleased that we found Infinite Event Solutions, and their MD Tom Imrie were easy to work with. This was important as the safety of the tent and the people around it was paramount ,and the two companies needed to liaise and work closely to ensure the tent was erected safely. Over The Moon liaised with Tom on the best practice and followed all necessary safety conditions laid out by MUTA and contained in the ISE’s Temporary Demountable Structures. Tom advised on the number of blocks required and Over The Moon produced a 3D CAD drawing which was sent to the client, IES and the council.

CAD proposal drawing for Vintage Village Fete

The clients were sent a quote showing the equipment and associated costs for the 720 mile round trip to Edinburgh. Once the client, university, IES and the council were happy with our proposals sign off was approved.

Anchor block & Wooden rails in place, canvas starting to be laid out



Working with OTMT last year in Edinburgh was an absolute pleasure, both from a professional point of view and from a personal one. Not only did the team agree take on our somewhat ambitious project to put up canvas and pole tents on hard standing but their reliable and friendly approach enabled us to plan it from opposite ends of the UK.


– Emily Elwas , Flylancer

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