Stretch Tent Hire

Stretch Tents that flow over your event.

We introduced these graceful tents to the UK and created the stretch tent hire market.
Since 2007 we have been sculpting these beautiful tents.

What is A Stretch Tent?

The fabric has stretch to it and numerous anchorage points. We can erect them in many locations fixed shape tents cannot go.

Stretch tents allow much of the outdoor to be seen from within the tent. One client who was a keen gardener picked the weekend of the year that had the most flowers in bloom. Stretch Tents suited her requirements perfectly.

Stretch Tents can be pitched all year round. We can provide stretch side panels, closed doorways and heating.

Stretch Tents can be made to act like a canopy with no sides.

We rig tents like
Jedi Masters
use The Force

Setting the stage for unforgettable events: Over The Moon Tents, pioneers of the UK stretch tent market have provided their unique and stylish structures to all major UK music festivals, as well as private clients and the hospitality industry.

Whether you’re envisioning an intimate gathering or a large-scale festival, we bring our expertise and innovation to create the perfect outdoor space for your occasion.

More than just tents, it’s our experience: From the very first stretch tents in the UK in 2006, Over The Moon Tents has built a reputation for great service and expertise.

Tent Sizes


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Best Tents

We work with the best stretch tents from RHI Tents. RHI stretch tents are manufactured according to strict quality standards and comply with international safety regulations.  RHI have earned a global reputation for manufacturing a tried and trusted product.

Our mission is to keep revolutionising stretch tent rigging as the fabrics evolve, and stay at the forefront of the international stage with the next generation of stretch tents.

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Stretch tents are tensile tents using the fabric’s tensile force to create structural strength.

The stretchable flowing fabric allows the tent to rise into a graceful peak and the poles can be placed in many positions to suit.

Stretch tents rely on the tensile force of the material created by the stretch between the poles pushing up the fabric from its anchors in the ground or walls.

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Stretch Your Creativity

Stretch Tents come in a range of sizes catering from an 8mx6m for Parties with groups of 20 right up to a 80mx15m (Shindig festivals Dig Inn venue)  stretch tents for 2000 people.

Stretch Tents are available in five colours (Red, Black, Chino, Platinum & White). The most commonly requested colour is Chino (a sand/cream colour).

By the way..


We formed Worcestershire Stretch Tents with Midland based promoters , La Porte Magique in 2017.

After three years of successul joint productions on the Barnt Green Weekender we focused on stretch tent hire in the West Midlands and Welsh borders.

Barnt Green Weekender was an outdoor cinema event under under 40mx20m stretch tent.

Stretch Tent Hire Gallery

Since 2007 we have rigged stretch tents far and wide. Stretched from the ground up, from buildings, from rockfaces, from trees  and in castles…

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