This is our fifth website design since the first in 2007. Back then we employed skills from our previous job as a website project manager to design a site that stood out against the very few tent marquee companies on the internet. There were just a handful of the even more specialised market for stretch tents and quirky tents like tipis and yurts.

Its the fourth design using the WordPress format which a web designer , Sean Johnson, had recommended to us in 2010. WordPress was an up and coming blog based platform that helped with search engine rankings. This was because at the time Google rankings favoured sites that were providing fresh content so that was the beginnings of Over The Moon starting to regularly create content about ourselves, the UK outdoor events industry, the rapidly growing festival industry (of which we were very much a part of) and the environment and green issues (which we take seriously as a social conscience business).

click on any of the designs to interact with our past sites.

In writing this post we have discovered that our old content still exists out there on the World Wide Web. We discovered which has the Herculean task of preserving this ever expanding deluge of web pages for posterity to try and make sense of. We had fun going through the archive using the calendar slider to view old versions of the site and what we were up to on the blog. So if you’re keen to research our pedigree and history look no further. You can really see who has been in the market the longest by looking at their web histories. For our historic sites click on any of the designs to interact with our past sites.

For our second design we wanted to show our love for canvas and a realistic feel with a design by MJDesign, showcasing our recent introduction of stretch tents to Glastonbury Festival. The homepage had our 25x10m stretch tent installation for the Glade Lounge with a foreground of colourful flags and the crowd. It was an exciting time taking these tents to new heights.

click on any of the designs to interact with our past sites.

Our 2016 design used the ever-improving themes of WordPress to really offer a much better user interface. We added more video content and featured much of our regular social media posts from Twitter and Instagram