Went along for the first time to this event. Held at the HMV Forum for the daytime discussion based event and later at The Roundhouse.

There were various topics discussed by a variety of industry figures. There was a wealth of experience and knowledge to listen too. Subjects debated included the social media, weather impact, the Olympic’s versus festivals, safety and the state of the industry. Some of the speakers, like Serge Grimeaux, used the event to beat the drum for their services , in his case RFID technology.

Budding festival promoters were encouraged but told to have a ‘great idea’ and to pay their suppliers( otherwise the industry is harmed).

It was useful event and the opportunity to meet familiar faces from the summer.

Particularly enjoyed hearing Melvyn Benns career in festivals at the end of the conference. His humour and passionate love for Festivals was a good listen. He also had some sage advice for promoters.