Stretch tents really came to show their beauty and usefulness at Worthy Farm for 2010 Glastonbury Festival. 2 weeks of fabulous weather made for a great time at Glastonbury Festival’s 40th birthday.

Stretch tents look was a big part of the Glade area’s visual appeal with three chino stretch tents creating a lovely space around the seating area.This made for a much better area than last years which, with no seating area, became a muddy walk through to the Other stage.

Glade Lounge with Intent 25x14m, Glastonbury 2010

On Thursday night only having a few areas open the Glade area was rammed with 3000 people in a football pitch sized area.

It was madness , scarey and fun. The juice bar stretch tent survived one reveller climbing to the top of the main pole and swinging about til removed by security.  Our belt and braces erection processes made sure that the tent stayed safe. People were keen to party and release the pent up emotion.