We provided a Merlin Medieval tent for an event at Warwick Castle this week.  The Camping & Caravanning Club were running an event ‘New To Camping’ which featured a range of equipment manufacturers displaying equipment and talks from their president David Bellamy.

Our Merlin Medieval pavilion tent was in the right setting and was featured in an article the club was producing for its August issue

.New to Camping

It was a lovely summer day and ideal for being in the great outdoors.  Warwick Castle has some marvellous exhibits, I particularly liked the ‘Kingmaker’ tour of rooms recreating life in the castle on the eve of a battle in the 14th Century , it was very evocative.  Warwick Castle have many authentic tents manufactured by the same company that made our Medieval Pavilion tents.  These tents are dotted around the site and are used to add colour, create the scene and used as concession stands.

Medieval Tent at Warwick Castle