Fifty percent of Over The Moon Tent’s customers are wedding couples.  We have been serving the wedding industry since our 2006. & The Wedding Industry Awards have conducted an in-depth survey on the UK wedding industry. They have published the UK Wedding Report 2017.’s team have been provided up-to-date and insightful facts about weddings, the planning process, and couples’ preferences. Here is a quick overview.

Couples are engaged for an average of 20 months
● The average wedding size is 77 guests for the wedding breakfast, 83 guests for evening, and 78
guests for the ceremony
● The most popular wedding season is Summer (49%), followed by Spring (27%) and Autumn (15%)
● The most popular wedding months are August (18%), July (16%) and September (14%). The least
popular months for weddings in January (1%), February (3%) and November (3%)
● The most popular day of the week for weddings is Saturday (54%), followed by Friday (17%),
Sunday (11%) and Thursday (8%). 26% of weddings take place on a Saturday in Summer

UK Wedding Report 2017


● As costs increase, couples are finding creative ways to reduce weddings costs
○ The average couple hires professionals for only 13 of the 18 categories
○ 38% couples report having their wedding cake homemade/from a friend
○ 29% couples say they didn’t use printed stationery (eg. menu, invitations)
○ 65% couples offer a paid bar (guest paid) versus to 21% open bar (couple paid)
○ 71% couples hire lower cost DJs (£513) versus to 44% Live Bands (£1,411)
○ 5% brides have vintage/second-hand dresses
○ 46% weddings are held on a day other than Saturday
● Couples estimate their actual wedding outlays (excl. honeymoon) to range between £10-15k
(23%) £15-20k (21%) and £20-25k (14%), suggesting that they’re already finding ways to save
● Considering the varied usage of each supplier category, couples contribute an average
wedding spend of £16,842 (excl. honeymoon)

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