Two stretch tents were put up by our partners Intent at this week’s Showman’s Show.  We had one up housing the real ale style bar that was premiered by Eagle Bars at Leicester’s Summer Sundae Festival.  We will be working closely with Eagle Bars next summer as we take their niche festival tailored bars into this new area of their growing business.

Setting up Intent at Showmans

The second Intent was for the Entertee event fencing company. They had one of Intent’s stylish new silver models. Looking forward to showing that off in 2011.

The weather was superb for the Showmans with blue skies and cold northerly breeze.  It was the usual over abundance of white uPVC marquee fodder, toilet, generator hire. Great to see the random mad showcase there. This years odd place probably goes to the three camels going round with grumpy looking wise men on!!