Vintage seems to be a buzz word for a buzzing scene at the moment in the UK. It may just be sexing up charity shops, jumble sales and generally using old stuff as long as you can, but hey, so what. Recycling and repairing stuff to keep it in good order is good house keeping. Something the generations that went through both world wars knew something about.

Over The Moon is proud to be preserving these traditions with our store full of wooden ladders, imperial gauge tools, grandad’s chisels, plains, drills et al. Pride of place of course are the 40 sections of military marquee, all packed away and stored lovingly to appear at weddings and festivals up and down the land.

We have a Vintage Tent Blog, Vintage Tents, to cover more vintage related articles as well as stuff on the tents. And if you’d like to hire our Vintage Tents read more here

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