Barbara Pollard

/Barbara Pollard

“If you are looking for an interesting tent to make more of your occasion you could do no better than to contact Over the Moon Tents and Events. Having erected a canopy for us in very challenging conditions I was singularly impressed by their sensitive, willing approach to the site – minding tulips and staying clear of roses – while carefully anchoring the tent in a sensible and totally professional way. They remained completely focussed on their job from start to finish even when the erection process took several hours with a gusting wind adding to the complexity. These are people who love what they do, do it well and want to make it work for you. I highly recommend them.”
Barbara Pollard,
Abbey House Gardens

Experienced event organiser who cut his teeth in the '90's dance scene putting on club nights. Now graduated to using the 20 years of experience of what works best at events into a growing specialist tents & events company OverTheMoon