Our professional lighting technicians light festivals, fashion shoots, bar mitzvahs, birthdays, gardens, nightclubs as well as our Over The Moon events.

Lighting is the final artistic flourish to be fitted into tents, landscape and features surrounding. We have party tent lighting effects to suit all occasions. We can provide :

  • subdued low-level party tent lighting;
  • uplighting for drapes that creates a nice mood;
  • full-on club lighting such as lasers and mirror balls;
  • spectacular outdoor lighting of trees and buildings;
  • traditional tea light lanterns.
  • outdoor and indoor projectors with a live VJ (Video Jockey) mixing video, lighting and clients own imagery.
  • We can provide the necessary power, cables, junction boxes and generators. We have a lot of experience in safely powering outdoor events.

Tent Lighting Requirements

  • Sufficient power for lighting. We will provide you with options for power. Small scale parties may be able to use household power supply. Bigger requirements will need a generator and circuit breakers.