Yurt Hire

 The Yurt originates from central Asia and is used by the regions nomadic tribes. Yurts are a beautiful structure, snug ,cosy and promoting a nice sociable vibe with their circular shape.

5m Yurt next to 3m diameter
  • No poles, No pegs, No ropes. With Yurts there are no obstructions caused by more traditional tents which have pegs and ropes around the outside.
  • Musicians like their acoustics and they are great for chilling out in.
  • They are a beautiful and practical space. The structure itself is decorative and it can be added to with other decor and drapes.
  • The yurts are hardy and cope with wet weather. They are very cosy even in winter with droughts finding it hard to make a way in, and with the addition of a heater they can be kept toasty.
  • Yurts can free stand without the use of pegs (in suitable conditions)
  • Wikipedia Yurt Information
    More information on the history of this type of tent.
Look mum no drafts!
Yurts can be made very cosy and comfortable. Ideal as a living space.


Yurt Hire Specification

  • Over The Moon’s yurts range from 3m – 7m diameter
  • The walls at the edge are approx 1.8m/6ft high
  • The ceilings are from 2.5m/10ft high
  • There is standing room for 10-40 depending on size.
  • The canvas is fire retardant BS 7837


Yurt Hire Requirements

  • The yurt needs to be erected on level ground.
  • We cannot locate yurts under trees

Yurt Hire Uses

  • Yurts are regularly used to hold workshops and as classrooms.
  • As a sacred space for weddings and hand fasts.
  • As a storytellers tent for children’s parties.
  • A chill out tent
  • A kids party den
  • A bedroom for event accommodation
  • Decorative addition to the look of an event
  • A Hen Party Henhouse


Hire Cost

Click here for yurt hire cost or email us to request an event quote.