Medieval Tents Hire

Our Historic Medieval Pavilion tents are made in the UK by the premier tent supplier to the historic re-enactment scene.

We have two medieval tents hire sizes available.

  • The Merlin has a 3.5m diameter
  • The Grand Round Pavilion has a 7m diameter.
  • See our Themes pages for more pics of the tent with period decor./li>
  • Both are available in green & white stripes. The Merlin has a darker green colour.
  • The Grand Round Pavilion is based on historical records.
  • The cart wheel- like spokes hold out the canvas around the central pole.
  • There are no obstructing side poles and the sides can be left off to from a parasol like effect.
  • The Grand Round Pavilions can be erected and joined with a corridor.
Pavilion Dimensions

Diagram above shows the Historic Grand Round Pavilion dimensions



Grand Round

 Two Grand Round Pavilion Tents with corrdior
Two Grand Round Pavilion Tents plus corridor 7m/23’x20m/65′

 Grand Round Pavilion on its own
Grand Round Pavilion on its own


  • Pavilions have a diameter of 7m/24ftThe walls at the edge are approx 1.8m/6ft high
  • The ceiling is Total height to top 4.3m
    Crown height with spokes from floor 2.3m
  • The Grand Round with corridor will hold 120 standing / 80 seated (banquet style).
  • The canvas is fire retardant to BS3408 : 1992


Merlin Pavilion Tent
  • Merlin Pavilion has a diameter of 3.5m/12ft
  • The walls at the edge are approx 1.8m/6ft high
  • The ceiling is 2.4m/10ft high
  • There is standing room for 6, sleeping room for two adults


  • The Grand Round Pavilion needs to be erected on level grass with a diameter of 8m/27ft
  • The Merlin needs to be erected on level grass with a diameter of 4m/12ft
  • For insurance purposes we cannot erect tents under trees.



  • As scenery and backdrops in historic events, film and television productions.
  • As a sacred space for weddings and hand fasts.
  • As a storytellers tent for children’s parties.
  • A Robin Hood Tent for a Robin Hood themed event
  • A Knight’s jousting tent
  • A chill out tent
  • A dining tent.
  • Decorative addition to the look of an event.
  • Changing room for medieval minstrels


Hire Cost

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