Over The Moon Tents are specialists with –
Stretch Tents
& Canvas Tents

Stretch Tents are the new fabric taking tents into areas previously inaccessible. Canvas tents are the centuries old tried and tested fabric.

The fabrics are very different in their behaviour, performance and usage.Over The Moon have expertise in both.


Stretch tents were first shown to Over The Moon by Intent at the Showman’s Show in 2006. We were immediately drawn to the look and tactile feel of the stretch tent due to its grace and curvaceous form. We quickly marketed these fabulous new structures to festivals, corporate and wedding clients. The stretch tent soon established itself as a familiar site at all the best UK music festivals.


Canvas tents have a long and illustrious history and inspire a feeling within people that the new uPVC shiny marquees cannot. One client came down and inhaled a great draught of air from around our vintage army tent and exclaimed, “Aaaahhhh,I love the smell of canvas. It reminds me of great times growing up and camping with my dad”. Canvas is a natural fabric, hard wearing, tough and has a pleasant matt finish to it.

Over The Moon hire a variety of canvas tents, tipis and yurts.

For the history of canvas see these interesting articles.

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James Parker – Director of Over The Moon (and still a DJ)