Open up and let the light back in

//Open up and let the light back in
Let The Light Back In

Neal Young wrote the line in the blog heading. It sprung 😆😆 to mind writing this post, as our week just ended an autumn 🍂 and winter ❄️ period of work at our base camp, Old Brickyard.

The crew opened up the wall to let light in to what will become the swanky new office. Work on the office has continued throughout the winter, on a project that started in March 2017. Our crew have used their building skills to construct an eco office built to a high standard using natural materials. Straw bale and sheep wool insulation, timber frame, earth render (mixed from onsite clay and aggregate), recycled windows and oak beams.

Experienced event organiser who cut his teeth in the '90's dance scene putting on club nights. Now graduated to using the 20 years of experience of what works best at events into a growing specialist tents & events company OverTheMoon