Military Theme Party

Over The Moon journeyed north to Glasgow on 1st of April, 2011 to produce a military theme party.

The client’s brief was a military theme party and to cover a large 7mx4m pond right in the middle of the lawn.  The pond span was too large for the vintage military tents to go over so we offered to camouflage a 19x15m Intent.  We also used sides from our military tents to edge the Intent to add more olive green and the lived-in look of a military base.

We also added military theme props like ammo crates, jerry cans, parachutes and lots more camo nets around the garden.  The client had a large stage built over the pond that was suitably camouflaged in military theme and the look was completed with 180 combat ready 16-18 year olds.  The night went off with a bang.

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