Environmental Policy

We want to operate as green tent hire specialists and leave a carbon footprint that is as small as possible. We promote Bio-diesel powered generators, natural plant and fabric decor,use ethically sourced tents* and decor,and recycle and re-use what we can. Our waste is sorted into material types, levels recorded and reduction targets set annually.

Over The Moon Tents environmental policy sets out the principle and standards for the company . We support charities and organisations whose aims we identify with. These include The Woodland Trust , Wood Green Animal Shelters & The Dogs Trust.

Overview of the Strategy and Action Plan

The main focus is on reducing consumption and improving efficiency in our Energy and Waste Management processes.

Improvement in its environmental impact

The aim is to work towards continuous improvement in environmental management and performance and to encourage support from customers. Approach to the environment is guided by a number of principles.

Green Tent Hire Principles

  • Management sets out the responsibility for environmental performance and develops and maintains an adequate system of management, measurement and improvements.
  • All actions comply with relevant regulations.
  • Business is conducted with due regard to the environment, its habitats and bio diversity.
  • The business operations are regularly assessed for compliance with policy, performance and achievement of targets.
  • Environment considerations are taken into account in all major business decisions.
  • The Over The Moon Team is encouraged to work in an environmentally responsible manner.
  • Suppliers are encouraged to operate in an environmentally responsible manner and such encouragement is made a condition of any supply.
  • Where appropriate, encourage support from customers by providing them with products and services that are environmentally responsible in use.
  • Customers are made aware of all environmental policies in the specific areas where they are in direct contact.

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